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Linda Hood Sigmon

Posted by Mickey Moran on November 20, 2013 at 8:20 PM

Linda Hood Sigmon is a person that claims she has been talking to Elvis for 20+ years and that he now goes by the name Jesse.  It has been proven through DNA analysis and fingerprints that Jesse is not Elvis.  However, she still has a handful of followers that are being deceived.  She claims to be the "voice" of Elvis and she tells her followers what she wants them to hear.  In all of these years she has only been able to produce one picture of "Jesse" and, as you would expect, he looks nothing like Elvis.  She caused a lot of trouble for a psychiatrist named Dr. Hinton when she conned him out of thousands of Hydrocodone pills by convincing him that Elvis was alive and needed the pills.  However, all of the prescriptions were made out to Linda.  Because of this, Dr. Hinton's license to practice medicine was suspended.  Linda needs to be stopped before she deceives any more loyal Elvis fans and permanently damages the legacy of Elvis.  The Presley Assignment has started a petition to be sent to Elvis Presley Enterprises, Priscilla Presley, and the proper authorities.  This fraud against the public must be stopped.  Please sign the petition here:

(This is the Jesse that Linda is trying to pass off as Elvis)

From An Interview With Paul Lichter

Posted by Mickey Moran on September 25, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Q - I've saved the most controversial question for last. Did a mail truck come up the driveway at Graceland on the morning of August 16th, 1977 to deliver a Special Delivery letter which Elvis signed for you and it came from you? Did you send a Special Delivery letter to Elvis?


A - Yup. That's all true.


Q - Elvis did sign for it mid-morning?


A - First of all, you're the first person to ask, other than a Gail Brewer-Giorgio... those people believe he's still alive. First of all, the letter was not an accident. The letter was supposed to refute the book that was coming out by Sonny and Red West and Dave Hebler (Elvis: What Happened?) So, the letter itself and it's contents were refuting all that. It was sent to RCA, to the Columbia office, everywhere there would be a possibility that he would get it, including Graceland. Here's the odd thing...he got it. First of all, I'm not saying that I believe Elvis is alive. What I am saying is that the events didn't happened exactly the way the time frame that's been released. For reasons left unsaid, there was a lot going on there before they called the hospital. I'm sure if you read The Death Of Elvis, you know what's going on. It was a cover-up, OK? I'm not saying that he's still alive. What I'm saying is, he didn't die at the time they said he did. Ultimately he signed for the letter. Here's the history: after it happened, I was asked not to discuss it by RCA and the Colonel. After those initial interviews in the days after, I never did. What happened was, the green card, the Post Office gets a card, you get a card back when it's certified, registered. I got the card back. It was signed by him (Elvis) and it's the time they say in all these conspiracy things. A marketing company bought my name, image and likeness for a lot of money in the days following Elvis' death. In those few weeks, they sold close to 11 million products through TV. One of the commercials they were showing, the letter was part of a give-away they were giving with The Elvis Legend Lives On book. While they were filming the commercials, the actual green card was stolen, which actually would have had Elvis' last autograph, if you believe he really signed for it.


Q - Do you believe he really signed for it?


A - If you've seen pictures of the receipt, the original receipt was stolen, but we were able to get a copy from the Memphis Post Office and it certainly looks just like Elvis' signature to me and anyone else that's ever seen it. The odd thing is, about 10 years ago, whoever stole the green card and wherever it wound up, actually put it up at auction. They contacted me, but they wouldn't tell me who was offering it to them and they refused it because it was stolen.


Q - When I interviewed Elvis' stepbrother, David Stanley, some years ago, he told me Elvis would never walk down the driveway to get mail.


A - Well, first of all, he didn't walk down the driveway. All he did was walk to the front door. The truck drove right up Graceland's gates 'cause they were let in. Quite frankly, I was just as happy for people to forget the letter, because even though it's a part of history and it happened, the bottom line is, it involved me with everyone of these conspiracy lunatics who believe he's alive.


Q - Did the green card show the time he signed for the letter?


A - Yeah. It was either 9:30 or 10:30 in the morning. The story was, the mailman went to the door. To further the conspiracy crap these people talk about, again, I wasn't there, they claim the regular mail guy wasn't on. Whoever it was, a sub or a temporary guy came. And he's the one who brought it up, but even Marty Lacker said I had the United States government involved in this conspiracy. In my book, Elvis: The Legend Lives On, there's a picture of it there for anybody to see. Did Elvis sign it? I believe he did. Can I swear to it? No. I wasn't there. I have nothing to gain by telling you this 30 something years later.


Q - When I interviewed Nancy Rooks, Elvis' cook and maid, she said she heard a loud noise in Elvis' bedroom on August 16th, 1977, between 9:30 and 10 o'clock in the morning. Now, you can't have Elvis signing a green card for a special delivery letter between 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning on August 16th, 1977 and dying of a heart attack upstairs in his bedroom between 9:30 and 10 in the morning. Something is not right here.


A - I'll add something to the mystery. If you get a hold of the official death report from the police station, you'll see they have the drawing of the body and the hours are missing, as to what time they found the body and the whole deal of what went on. Keep in mind, it was 2:30, 3:30 in the afternoon when the EMTs arrived. It also took so many hours to clean the place up before they called 'em. It's not really an important thing simply because whether he died at 6 in the morning or 9:30 in the morning or 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the first fact of the matter is that he passed away. And the fact of the matter is they tried to clean up the place before they reported it. Obviously Joe Esposito (Elvis' road manager) couldn't give mouth-to-mouth to a body that had rigor mortis. And they've changed their stories time and time again. That's because it didn't happen they way it allegedly happened. It doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you want to be a conspiracy guy, how did RCA have ready all those millions of records ready to ship to every store within an hour? How did the Colonel have all the memorial posters and t-shirts they were selling at the gate before the body was returned to the house?


Q - Did you see Elvis in the casket?


A - Yup.


Q - Did it look like Elvis?


A - Well, first of all, let me say this to you, it's the only dead body I've ever seen, thank God. Did it look like Elvis? It didn't look anything like Elvis looked the day before when he was alive. But, did it look like Elvis? Yeah. You have to keep in mind that he was dead and these stories you hear that he was perspiring and it was a wax figure; to me his hair wasn't combed the way he would have combed it, but he was dead. But, I have no doubt that was Elvis. I'd love for it to be otherwise. I'd love to be proven wrong. But, I have no doubt that he's gone. People loved him so much that they didn't want to let go. The one person that knows most of what went on that day (August 16th, 1977) is Al Strada. He's the one person who never comes to Memphis. He's never written a book, never given an interview, and most people don't know if he's dead or alive. He's been rumored to be dead for years. Don't you find it strange that the guy who actually came in and saw the body first has never said a word? And how about that Ginger Alden?


Q - I heard she's writing a book.


A - She's been writing that book for the last 15 years.


Q - She's another one who has never said anything.


A - Yeah. Don't you wonder why?


Q - I do.


A - How about confidentiality clauses. How about pay-offs. I don't know that for a fact. I think Ginger is a wonderful, sweet person. Her family is very nice. But keep this in mind, everybody loved Linda Thompson and they all hated a poor girl who was 18 years old. The bottom line is, at the end of the day, could anybody have saved Elvis? And if they could have, what would have happened the next day?


Q - It would've been a repeat of the previous day.


A - Exactly. And remember Linda left, OK? I think she's a great person, but the fact of the matter is, history paints whatever picture these lunatics want to say. If you wrote a book like Elvis: What Happened? and you claim that you wrote this book because you wanted to help him...


Q - Which is what Sonny West told me.


A - OK. Well, Sonny is a good guy. He tells a great story. I'm sure he saw the timing of the book, but the bottom line is, they were unhappy ex-employees that didn't have a paycheck coming in. They sold the book to anyone that would buy it, which was The Star. They revealed those stories and they hurt Elvis and that certainly didn't help him. It hastened what happened. So if you take a wounded animal and you rub salt in the wounds, you're not helping him. The bottom line to the story here is, what happens in the future? Can you imagine that Elvis fans pay to have those guys come talk at their conventions? It's like asking Judas to come to a Jesus convention. Unfortunately, Elvis spirit died long before 1977. Only somebody whose appeal and magnetism was unbelievable could survive the desecration of his memory to where it really doesn't make a difference anymore, no matter what they say.


Elvis and the FBI by Michael Vitez

Posted by Mickey Moran on August 22, 2013 at 1:10 AM

WASHINGTON — Elvis Presley blamed the Beatles, the Smothers Brothers and Jane Fonda for the corruption of American youth and was sure they'd "have a lot to answer for in the hereafter."


On the other hand, he liked Richard Nixon, who appointed him an agent in the federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Agent Elvis carried the badge in his pocket.


But the "greatest living American," the man Elvis admired above all others, was J. Edgar Hoover. On New Year's Eve, 1970, Elvis and six bodyguards showed up at FBI headquarters, hoping for an audience. Alas, Hoover had scrammed. "Presley's sincerity and good intentions notwithstanding, he is certainly not the type of individual whom the director would wish to meet," an FBI underling advised in a memo. "It is noted at the present time he is wearing his hair down to his shoulders and indulges in the wearing of all sorts of exotic dress." (What? The feds didn't like the American Eagle jumpsuit?)


OK, so the Elvis Files aren't the juiciest beach read of the summer. But around the FBI base here, the 663-page dossier on Presley, who died - oops, allegedly died - 14 years ago today, is burning up the copier. As many as six people a week either come and read Elvis' file or order a copy for $56.30.


"Elvis Presley is my most popular subject," said Helen Near, the supervisory legal technician in the request management unit of the Freedom of Information Privacy Act section. (Translation: Very helpful person who oversees the reading room.)


Elvis is hotter than any of the other 171 most-requested subjects on file in the reading room - hotter than all 221,999 pages on the Kennedy assassination, the 39,237 pages on the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., hotter still than Liberace (382) or Lucille Ball (46) or Al Capone (2,397) or Janice Joplin (1).


"Elvis had many fans," said Near. And "they'll want to get anything they can get that relates to Elvis. A lot of these are for gifts."


But not all. Some want the file because they believe ELVIS IS ALIVE. The dossier is the springboard of their theory that the FBI staged his death to protect him from a gang of international swindlers and stashed him safely in the federal witness-protection program. Maybe in Wisconsin.


The file holds hundreds of pages about a scam in which Elvis and his father, Vernon, were swindled out of at least $400,000 by a group of con men headed by a native Philadelphian named Frederick Peter Pro. The 1977 flimflam involved the refinancing and overhaul of Elvis' Lockheed Jetstar. Pro and his fellow cons took the money, and split.


The hustlers, according to the file, were part of a much larger smuggling ring known as the Fraternity, which was being investigated by the FBI under the name Operation Fountain Pen. U.S. Attorneys in Memphis were prepared to seek indictments from a grand jury on Aug. 15, 1977 - the day before Elvis died (oops, allegedly died). Five men were, indeed, indicted that fall and were eventually tried and convicted.


So much for the facts. On to the speculation. And that's been fueled as much by what's missing from the file as what's there. Hundreds of pages remain classified. The reason? In some cases, national defense and foreign policy. (What are they hiding? ELVIS IS ALIVE?)


The main proponent of this staged-death theory is Gail Brewer Giorgio, a 1958 graduate of Norristown High School, author of the best-selling Is Elvis Alive? and a woman who says, flatly, "Elvis didn't die on Aug. 16, 1977. Absolutely not."


The sheep, the followers, the unquestioning will tell you he did - in his bathroom at Graceland. But, says Giorgio, that was a wax dummy in his open coffin. Those beads of liquid that the masses saw on his forehead as they paraded by were melting wax. "Dead people don't sweat."


Her primary co-conspiracy-theorist is 31-year-old Canadian Luc ("as in Cool Hand Luke") Dionne, who has also reviewed 30,000 pages of transcript


from the trial of these swindlers and is writing his own book, to be titled The Elvis Presley Conspiracy: Operation Fountain Pen.


He contends that Elvis had become the key witness in the FBI's case against the Fraternity. These men, who Dionne says had connections as mighty as the Gambino mob family and even Manuel Noriega, wanted Elvis dead. So to save the King, the FBI "killed" him.


Many of the Elvis file documents, dated after Aug. 16, 1977, bear scrawled notes that handwriting analysts say were penned by Elvis himself.


Giorgio even contends that Elvis offered subtle hints that his death would be staged. During his last concert tour, she says, he changed the lyrics to his song, "Way Down," as follows: "My body's going to be found on the bathroom floor and I'm going to places I've never been before."


Both Giorgio and Dionne eschew the label of Elvis fanatic. Their mission, they say, is about the pursuit of the truth - not an inability to accept it. ''To this day I have not seen an Elvis movie," says Giorgio. "When he died," says Dionne, "I was 17 and listening to 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Pink Floyd. I don't know what colors his costumes were."


The official keepers of the flame, the folks who operate Graceland and oversee the business affairs of Elvis' estate, dismiss such conspiracy theories as an annoyance.


"We've not even read the FBI file," said Todd Morgan, director of communications at Graceland. "We're too busy for all that foolishness."


Still, Morgan said that after this week's festivities - what Elvis groupies call "Death Week" - he might order a copy.


He'll find that the Elvis file, while hardly as entertaining as Jailhouse Rock, does hold some juicy nuggets, such as several letters from a South African homosexual dermatologist who propositioned Elvis' inner circle back in 1959, when Presley was stationed in the Army in Germany. The FBI also had to investigate assorted death and extortion threats - mostly the ho-hum crackpot variety.


The file dates to 1956 and the Eisenhower Administration. Because Hoover insisted that all correspondence received by the bureau be kept on file, and


because letters started coming in about the Pelvis, the FBI started the dossier.


One of the earliest letters came from a La Crosse, Wis., man (whose name has been blacked out) warning Hoover that Elvis is "a definite danger to the security of the United States." He informed Hoover that Elvis had autographed ''the abdomen and thigh" of two high school girls, and that Elvis fan


clubs "degenerate into sex orgies." He said Elvis was both a drug addict and sexual pervert.


Hoover thanked the man for his letter but told him "the matter is not within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI."


The bureau also collected newspaper articles, including one reporting that 1,500 bobbysoxers had threatened to riot in New York when Elvis failed to show up for the debut of Love Me Tender at the Paramount Theater in November 1965. An Associated Press story from Louisville that month announced "Elvis Faces Wiggle Ban," and reported that the local police chief, on the eve of a concert, banned "any lewd, lascivious contortions that would excite a crowd."


Even though Hoover snubbed Elvis when he made his New Year's Eve visit in 1970, the King still got "a very special tour" of the FBI building. According to another memo written four days after the visit, Elvis "offered to be of assistance (to Hoover) on a confidential basis should there ever be a need of his services."


In addition, noted the FBI aide, one M.A. Jones, "Presley indicated that he . . . has read material prepared by the Director including Masters of Deceit, A Study of Communism as well as J. Edgar Hoover on Communism. Presley noted that in his opinion no one has ever done as much for his country as has Mr. Hoover, and that he, Presley, considers the Director the 'greatest living American.' He also spoke most favorably of the Bureau."


The memo continued: "Presley indicated that he is of the opinion that the Beatles laid the groundwork for many of the problems we are having with young people by their filthy unkempt appearances and suggestive music while entertaining in this country during the early and middle 60s. He advised that the Smothers Brothers, Jane Fonda and other persons . . . of their ilk have a lot to answer for in the hereafter for the way they have poisoned young minds by disparaging the United States in their public statements and unsavory activities."


Presley also "noted that he can be contacted anytime through his Memphis address . . . such correspondence should be addressed to him under the pseudonym Colonel Jon Burrows."

Elvis: Last Will And Testament

Posted by Mickey Moran on August 22, 2013 at 12:40 AM

The Will of Elvis Presley

Last Will And Testament Of Elvis A. Presley, Deceased Filed August 22, 1977

Last Will And Testament of Elvis Presley

I, Elvis A. Presley, a resident and citizen of Shelby County, Tennessee, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this instrument to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all wills and codicils by me at any time heretofore made.

Item I

Debts, Expenses and Taxes

I direct my Executor, hereinafter named, to pay all of my matured debts and my funeral expenses, as well as the costs and expenses of the administration of my estate, as soon after my death as practicable. I further direct that all estate, inheritance, transfer and succession taxes which are payable by reason under this will, be paid out of my residuary estate; and I hereby waive on behalf of my estate any right to recover from any person any part of such taxes so paid. My Executor, in his sole discretion, may pay from my domiciliary estate all or any portion of the costs of ancillary administration and similar proceedings in other jurisdictions.

Item II

Instruction Concerning Personal Property: Enjoyment in Specie

I anticipate that included as a part of my property and estate at the time of my death will be tangible personal property of various kinds, characters and values, including trophies and other items accumulated by me during my professional career. I hereby specifically instruct all concerned that my Executor, herein appointed, shall have complete freedom and discretion as to disposal of any and all such property so long as he shall act in good faith and in the best interest of my estate and my beneficiaries, and his discretion so exercised shall not be subject to question by anyone whomsoever.

I hereby expressly authorize my Executor and my Trustee, respectively and successively, to permit any beneficiary of any and all trusts created hereunder to enjoy in specie the use or benefit of any household goods, chattels, or other tangible personal property (exclusive of choses in action, cash, stocks, bonds or other securities) which either my Executor or my Trustees may receive in kind, and my Executor and my Trustees shall not be liable for any consumption, damage, injury to or loss of any tangible property so used, nor shall the beneficiaries of any trusts hereunder or their executors of administrators be liable for any consumption, damage, injury to or loss of any tangible personal property so used.

Item III

Real Estate

If I am the owner of any real estate at the time of my death, I instruct and empower my Executor and my Trustee (as the case may be) to hold such real estate for investment,

or to sell same, or any portion therof, as my Executor or my Trustee (as the case may be) shall in his sole judgment determine to be for the best interest of my estate and the beneficiaries thereof.

Item IV

Residuary Trust

After payment of all debts, expenses and taxes as directed under Item I hereof, I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, including all lapsed legacies and devices, and any property over which I have a power of appointment, to my Trustee, hereinafter named, in trust for the following purposes:

(a) The Trustees is directed to take, hold, manage, invest and reinvent the corpus of the trust and to collect the income therefrom in accordance with the rights, powers, duties, authority and discretion hereinafter set forth. The Trustee is directed to pay all the expenses, taxes and costs incurred in the management of the trust estate out of the income thereof.

(b) After payment of all expenses, taxes and costs incurred in the management of the expenses, taxes and costs incurred in the management of the trust estate, the Trustee is authorizes to accumulate the net income or to pay or apply so much of the net income and such portion of the principal at any time and from time to time to time for health, education, support, comfortable maintenance and welfare of: (1) My daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and any other lawful issue I might have, (2) my grandmother, Minnie Mae Presley, (3) my father, Vernon E. Presley, and (4) such other relatives of mine living at the time of my death who in the absolute discretion of my Trustees are in need of emergency assistance for any of the above mentioned purposes and the Trustee is able to make such distribution without affecting the ability of the trust to meet the present needs of the first three numbered categories of beneficiaries herein mentioned or to meet the reasonably expected future needs of the first three classes of beneficiaries herein mentioned. Any decision of the Trustee as to whether or not distribution, to any of the persons described hereunder shall be final and conclusive and not subject to question by any legatee or beneficiary hereunder.

(c) Upon the death of my Father, Vernon E. Presley, the Trustee is instructed to make no further distributions to the fourth category of beneficiaries and such beneficiaries shall cease to have any interest whatsoever in this trust.

(d) Upon the death of both my said father and my said grandmother, the Trustee is directed to divide the Residuary Trust into separate and equal trusts, creating one such equal trust for each of my lawful children then surviving and one such equal trust for the living issue collectively, if any, of any deceased child of mine. The share, if any, for the issue of any such deceased child, shall immediately vest in such issue in equal shares but shall be subject to the provisions of Item V herein. Separate books and records shall be kept for each trust, but it shall not be necessary that a physical division of the assets be made as to each trust.

The Trustee may from time to time distribute the whole or any part of the net income or principal from each of the aforesaid trusts as the Trustee, in its uncontrolled discretion, considers necessary or desirable to provide for the comfortable support,

education, maintenance, benefit and general welfare of each of my children. Such distributions may be made directly to such beneficiary or to the guardian of the person of such beneficiary and without repsonsibilty on my Trustee to see to the application of nay such distributions and in making such distributions, the Trustee shall take into account all other sources of funds known by the Trustee to be available for each respective beneficiary for such purpose.

(e) As each of my respective children attains the age of twenty-five (25) years and provided that both my father and my grandmother are deceased, the trust created hereunder for such child care terminate, and all the remainder of the assets then contained in said trust shall be distributed to such child so attaining the age of twenty-five (25) years outright and free of further trust.

(f) If any of my children for whose benefit a trust has been created hereunder should die before attaining the age of twenty- five (25) years, then the trust created for such a child shall terminate on his death, and all remaining assets then contained in said trust shall be distributed outright and free of further trust and in equal shares to the surviving issue of such deceased child but subject to the provisions of Item V herein; but if there be no such surviving issue, then to the brothers and sisters of such deceased child in equal shares, the issue of any other deceased child being entitled collectively to their deceased parent's share. Nevertheless, if any distribution otherwise becomes payable outright and free of trust under the provisions of this paragraph (f) of the Item IV of my will to a beneficiary for whom the Trustee is then administering a trust for the benefit of such beneficiary under provisions of this last will and testament, such distribution shall not be paid outright to such beneficiary but shall be added to and become a part of the trust so being administered for such beneficiary by the Trustee.

Item V

Distribution to Minor Children

If any share of corpus of any trust established under this will become distributable outright and free of trust to any beneficiary before said beneficiary has attained the age of eighteen (18) years, then said share shall immediately vest in said beneficiary, but the Trustee shall retain possession of such share during the period in which such beneficiary is under the age of eighteen (18) years, and, in the meantime, shall use and expend so much of the income and principal for the care, support, and education of such beneficiary, and any income not so expended with respect to each share so retained all the power and discretion had with respect to such trust generally.

Item VI

Alternate Distributees

In the event that all of my descendants should be deceased at any time prior to the time for the termination of the trusts provided for herein, then in such event all of my estate and all the assets of every trust to be created hereunder (as the case may be) shall then distributed outright in equal shares to my heirs at law per stripes.

Item VII

Unenforceable Provisions

If any provisions of this will are unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall, nevertheless, be carried into effect.


Life Insurance

If my estate is the beneficiary of any life insurance on my life at the time of my death, I direct that the proceeds therefrom will be used by my Executor in payment of the debts , expenses and taxes listed in Item I of this will, to the extent deemed advisable by the Executor. All such proceeds not so used are to be used by my Executor for the purpose of satisfying the devises and bequests contained in Item IV herein.

Item IX

Spendthrift Provision

I direct that the interest of any beneficiary in principal or income of any trust created hereunder shall not be subject to claims of creditors or others, nor to legal process, and may not be voluntarily or involuntarily alienated or encumbered except as herein provided. Any bequests contained herein for any female shall be for her sole and separate use, free from the debts, contracts and control of any husband she may ever have.

Item X

Proceeds From Personal Services

All sums paid after my death (either to my estate or to any of the trusts created hereunder) and resulting from personal services rendered by me during my lifetime, including, but not limited to, royalties of all nature, concerts, motion picture contracts, and personal appearances shall be considered to be income, notwithstanding the provisions of estate and trust law to the contrary.

Item XI

Executor and Trustee

I appoint as executor of this, my last will and testament, and as Trustee of every trust required to be created hereunder, my said father.

I hereby direct that my said father shall be entitled by his last will ant testament, duly probated, to appoint a successor Executor of my estate, as well as a successor Trustee or successor Trustees of all the trusts to be created under my last will and testament.

If, for any reason, my said father be unable to serve or to continue to serve as Executor and/or as Trustee, or if he be deceased and shall not have appointed a successor Executor or Trustee, by virtue of his last will and testament as stated -above, then I

appoint National Bank of Commerce, Memphis, Tennessee, or its successor or the institution with which it may merge, as successor Executor and/or as successor Trustee of all trusts required to be established hereunder.

None of the appointees named hereunder,including any appointment made by virtue of the last will and testament of my said father, shall be required to furnish any bond or security for performance of the respective fiduciary duties required hereunder, notwithstanding any rule of law to the contrary.

Item XII

Powers, Duties, Privileges and Immunities of the Trustee

Except as otherwise stated expressly to the contrary herein, I give and grant to the said Trustee (and to the duly appointed successor Trustee when acting as such) the power to do everything he deems advisable with respect to the administration of each trust required to be established under this, my last will and Testament, even though such powers would not be authorized or appropriate for the Trustee under statutory or other rules of law. By way of illustration and not in limitation of the generality of the foregoing grant of power and authority of the Trustee, I give and grant to him plenary power as follows:

(a) To exercise all those powers authorized to fiduciaries under the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 35-616 to 35-618, inclusive, including any amendments thereto in effect at the time of my death, and the same are expressly referred to and incorporated herein by reference.

(b) Plenary power is granted to the Trustee, not only to relieve him from seeking judicial instruction, but to the extent that the Trustee deems it to be prudent, to encourage determinations freely to be made in favor of persons who are the current income beneficiaries. In such instances the rights of all subsequent beneficiaries are subordinate, and the Trustee shall not be answerable to any subsequent beneficiary for anything done or omitted in favor of a current income beneficiary may compel any such favorable or preferential treatment. Without in anywise minimizing or impairing the scope of this declaration of intent, it includes investment policy, exercise of discretionary power to pay or apply principal and income, and determination principal and income questions;

(c) It shall be lawful for the Trustee to apply any sum that is payable to or for the benefit of a minor (or any other person who in the Judgment of the Trustee, is incapable of making proper disposition thereof) by payments in discharge of the costs and expenses of educating, maintaining and supporting said beneficiary, or to make payment to anyone with whom said beneficiary resides or who has the care or custody of the beneficiary, temporarily or permanently, all without intervention of any guardian or like fiduciary. The receipt of anyone to whom payment is so authorized to be made shall be a complete discharge of the Trustees without obligation on his part to see to the further application hereto, and without regard to other resource that the beneficiary may have, or the duty of any other person to support the beneficiary;

(d) In Dealing with the Trustee, no grantee, pledge, vendee, mortgage, lessee or other transference of the trust properties, or any part therof, shall be bound to inquire with

respect to the purpose or necessity of any such disposition or to see to the application of any consideration therefore paid to the Trustee.


Concerning the Trustee and the Executor

(a) If at any time the Trustee shall have reasonable doubt as to his power, authority or duty in the administration of any trust herein created, it shall be lawful for the Trustee to obtain the advice and counsel of reputable legal counsel without resorting to the courts for instructions; and the Trustee shall be fully absolved from all liability and damage or detriment to the various trust estates of any beneficiary thereunder by reason of anything done, suffered or omitted pursuant to advice of said counsel given and obtained in good faith, provided that nothing contained herein shall be construed to prohibit or prevent the Trustee in all proper cases from applying to a court of competent jurisdiction for instructions in the administration of the trust assets in lieu of obtaining advice of counsel.

(b) In managing, investing, and controlling the various trust estates, the Trustee shall exercise the judgment and care under the circumstances then prevailing, which men of prudence discretion and judgment exercise in the management of their own affairs, not in regard to speculation, but in regard to the permanent disposition of their funds, considering the probable income as well as the probable safety of their capital, and, in addition, the purchasing power of income distribution to beneficiaries.

(c) My Trustee (as well as my Executor) shall be entitled to reasonable and adequate and adequate compensation for the fiduciary services rendered by him.

(d) My Executor and his successor Executor and his successor Executor shall have the same rights, privileges, powers and immunities herein granted to my Trustee wherever appropriate.

(e) In referring to any fiduciary hereunder, for purposes of construction, masculine pronouns may include a corporate fiduciary and neutral pronouns may include an individual fiduciary.

Item XIV

Law Against Perpetuities

(a) Having in mind the rule against perpetuities, I direct that (notwithstanding anything contained to the contrary in this last will and testament) each trust created under this will (except such trust created under this will (except such trusts as have heretofore vested in compliance with such rule or law) shall end, unless sooner terminated under other provisions of this will, twenty-one (21) years after the death of the last survivor of such of the beneficiaries hereunder as are living at the time of my death; and thereupon that the property held in trust shall be distributed free of all trust to the persons then entitled to receive the income and/or principal therefrom, in the proportion in proportion in which they are then entitled to receive such income.

(b) Notwithstanding anything else contained in this will to the contrary, I direct that if any distribution under this will become payable to a person for whom the Trustee is then administering a trust created hereunder for the benefit of such person, such distribution shall be made to such trust and not to the beneficiary outright, and the funds so passing to such trust shall become a part thereof as corpus and be administered and distributed to the same extent and purpose as if such funds had been a part of such a trust at its inception.

Item XV

Payment of Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Notwithstanding the provisions of Item X herein, I authorize my Executor to use such sums received by my estate after my death and resulting from my personal services as identified in Item X as he deem necessary and advisable in order to pay the taxes referred to in Item I of my said will.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, I, the said ELVIS A. PRESLEY, do hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of two (2) competent witnesses, and in their presence do publish and declare this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament, this 3 day of March, 1977.

[Signed by Elvis A. Presley]


The foregoing instrument, consisting of this and eleven (11) preceding typewritten pages, was signed, sealed, published and declared by ELVIS A.PRESLEY, the Testator, to be his Last Will and Testament, in our presence, and we, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses, this 3 day of March, 1977, at Memphis, Tennessee.

[Signed by Ginger Alden]

Ginger Alden residing at 4152 Royal Crest Place

[Signed by Charles F. Hodge]

Charles F. Hodge residing at 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd.

[Signed by Ann Dewey Smith]

Ann Dewey Smith residing at 2237 Court Avenue.

State of Tennessee

County of Shelby

Ginger Alden, Charles F. Hodge, and Ann Dewey Smith, after being first duly sworn, make oath or affirm that the foregoing Last Will and Testament, in the sight and presence of us, the undersigned, who at his request and in his sight and presence, and in the sight and presence of each other, have subscribed our names as attesting witnesses on the 3 day of March, 1977, and we further make oath or affirm that the Testator was of sound mind and disposing memory and not acting under fraud,

menace or undue influence of any person, and was more than eighteen (18) years of age; and that each of the attesting witnesses is more than eighteen (18) years of age.

[Signed by Ginger Alden]

Ginger Alden

[Signed by Charles F. Hodge]

Charles F. Hodge

[Signed by Ann Dewey Smith]

Ann Dewey Smith

Sworn To And Subscribed before me this 3 day of March, 1977.

Drayton Beecker Smith II Notary Public

My commission expires:

August 8, 1979

Admitted to probate and Ordered Recorded August 22, 1977

Joseph W. Evans, Judge

Recorded August 22, 1977

B.J. Dunavant, Clerk

By: Jan Scott, D.C.

The Elvis Conspiracy - Simply Explained

Posted by Mickey Moran on July 6, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Einstein said, "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough".

The evidence that points to Elvis being alive speaks volumes...literally. Books, documentaries, websites, newsletters, tv specials......I, myself, have filled a website, The Presley Assignment, and a book, The Elvis Conspiracy Encyclopedia, with at least a hundred pieces of information that points to Elvis being alive and I'm just one person.

The evidence that points to Elvis being deceased is as follows:

A body on the floor of Graceland that even both paramedics said was not Elvis.

A body in a casket that spectators, reporters, celebrities, and even Elvis' own family said was not him.

A grave marker with Elvis' middle name misspelled on it.

The Presley Assignment:

The Elvis Conspiracy Encyclopedia:

Is "Jesse" really Elvis?

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 19, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Is "Jesse" really Elvis?: The figure of "Jesse Presley" has occupied "Elvis is alive" folklore for the past two decades. Prior to Eliza Presley's claim of having received DNA from "Jesse", Dr Donald Hinton published his book, (The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words), in 2001.


Conflicting reports of Dr Hinton, who physically never met Elvis/Jesse, but treated him by correspondence, either apologizing or not apologizing for having duped fans. Despite claims Dr Hinton did apologize because there is no evidence to support this contention.


The story of "Jesse" is a long and sordid one. Essentially, since the early days of the "Elvis is Alive" theory, a number of people have worked behind the scenes on behalf of "Jesse" to obtain money and prescribed medications. At times it was suggested "Jesse" would reveal his true identity to the world, but then a convenient excuse would surface as to why this wasn't possible.


For many years there was a thriving "Elvis underground" pedalling the "Jesse" story, active initially via snail mail correspondence and newsletters, and then Internet based through a number of now defunct web sites and messageboards.


Photographic evidence of "Jesse" has been unconvincing.


EIN has long stated that in our opinion, no substantive evidence/facts that would stand up in a court of law has ever been provided to substantiate the contrary argument. That a belief to the contrary is still held in 2008 pays testament to the power of some fan's emotional and psychological needs.


For "Jesse's" DNA evidence to stand up in court will require Elvis Presley Enterprises to provide actual Elvis DNA sample for cross-matching and given the science of DNA testing, quite possibly also 'maternal' DNA relating to Vernon Presley.


In this latter respect few media outlets have picked up on the other DNA evidence to be offered.......that the DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis’ cousin Donna. It is this DNA evidence which is likely to prove the case rather than "Jesse's" DNA.......which is unlikely to be what we are led to believe, and even irrelevant to .


There is no doubting Eliza Presley's strong belief that she is right. While Ms Presley had originally thought she may have been Elvis' daughter, the DNA analysis ruled this out. Ms Presley has told EIN she is not after money, but rather the truth about who her father is.


As for the statement of her birth mother, EIN is aware there are fractious family issues involved which are currently tainting the situation. (Source: EIN, 10 Oct 2002)

It is the opinion of The Presley Assignment that Jesse is not Elvis but rather an imposter duping fans.  

A Timeline of the Elvis Conspiracy

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 19, 2013 at 1:25 PM


A young singer, Jimmy Ellis gets a "one shot deal" with Challenger Records before moving to Boblo Records where one of his five singles is called "I'm Not Trying To Be Elvis". Ellis' voice is remarkably similar to Elvis', presenting a marketing dilemma for record companies


Prior to his claimed death, Elvis allegedly meets Ellen Foster in March 1977 at the Graceland gates. He is struck by how closely Ms Foster resembles his mother, Gladys. It will later be claimed he rang Ms Foster on 14 August 1977 telling her he would not be leaving on 16 August for his scheduled concert tour


Elvis A(a)ron Presley dies at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee...or does he?


Obscure book release "Elvis Presley Dead or Alive" by Tupelo based private investigator, Will Jima is published. So obscure, in fact, that it does not become part of "is Elvis alive" folklore

1977-early 1990s

A number of networks develop, publishing newsletters. The major drivers of these networks are names like Chanzes, Brewer-Giorgio, Smiley and Aitcheson. They serve to reinforce the "believers" faith with claims of death threats and evidence. The newsletters have names like "The Elvis Beat" (Mary Smiley), "Elvis Lives" (Ron Collamore & Kate McNeil), "The gathering"* (Gail Brewer-Giorgio), "Notes from Orion" (Anna Mae Strunk), "Search: Investigative Newsletter" (Phil Aitcheson/Presley Commission); "Spotlighters" (Carole Taylor Smith), and "The Elvis Special" (Maria Columbus & Jeannie Tessum, acting as a conduit for Steve Chanzes). While most of the networks wane, the advent of the Internet will see a number rise again from the late 1990s (see also 1994-2004)

December 31, 1977

Mike Joseph takes a photo at Graceland while visiting the mansion with his family. By late 1982-early 1983 he realizes that in the photo's background is an image of someone who looks remarkably like Elvis, sitting watching the crowd from behind the screen door of the "pool house"


Jimmy Ellis signs with Sun Records


The duets album, "Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends", is released by Sun Records in November. Who is the mysterious singer dueting with Lewis who sounds just like Elvis?


Geraldo Rivera's 'The Elvis Cover-Up' airs on ABC TV's new show, "20-20" sparking a wave of interest


Author, Gail Brewer-Giorgio's novel, Orion, is published. It tells the story of a world famous singer who fakes his death. Talk of a film adaptation of the book fails to materialize. The author claims the book was "pulled" from bookstore shelves!

1979 - 1982

Shelby Singleton, owner of Sun Records, sees an opportunity to market Ellis as the masked singer, Orion. Agreement with Brewer-Giorgio is reached and the Orion bandwagon rolled on merrily for several years. It is said that Ellis & Presley would switch places on stage, giving Elvis the chance to perform again as a masked singer.


Platinum Publications publishes a newsstand magazine, "The Elvis Cover Up"


Steven C. Chanzes (aka Steven Crown; aka Al Jeffries), a Florida businessman, releases his book, "1935? Where Are You?". The book was published by Direct Productions, a company ordered to be involuntarily dissolved by Florida's Secretary of State a year earlier! The book is later republished with a new author, Al Jeffries!


Chanzes commences publication of his "underground" newsletter, Eternally Elvis


The second issue of Eternally Elvis introduces the Sivle Nora monologue tape, which will later become the key part of Gail Brewer-Giorgio's 'Is Elvis Alive' book & cassette package.


Major Bill Smith, a Texas record producer initiates legal action against EPE, "the world's biggest monopoly", believing it is interfering with promotion of his eventual book about Elvis being alive, "Memphis Mystery (Requiem for Elvis)". The book is (privately) republished by Smith several times between 1987 and 1992


A photograph of Muhammad Ali is taken purportedly showing "Elvis" in the background. It is not until 1989 that it gains media publicity thru the efforts of Gail Brewer-Giorgio. Elvis' step-brother, Billy Stanley, and Muhammad Ali, both state that it is Elvis in the photograph.


The large hardcover novel, "Fairytale", is anonymously published. Later, sources claim the book is the work of noted Elvis photographer, Sean Shaver, and noted Elvis fan club president/author, Wanda June Hill


Singer David Darlock appears on the GERALDO talkback show in April. Darlock admits he was paid $250 in April 1981 by the Elvis fan club, "Eternally Elvis" (operated by Steve Chanzes) to simulate the voice of Elvis for an album (others say it is the voice of Dan Willis). He also produced the signed contract of this deal! Darlock also claims to be able to channel Elvis and stop his own watch from ticking while channeling. He is later proven to be a fake.


"The Presley Arrangement", a novel by Monte Nicholson is first published (it is reissued twice, most recently by Living The Dream Press, in 2004). As with the 1979 Gail Brewer-Giorgio novel, Orion, there are claims that 'The Presley Arrangement' mysteriously disappears from bookstores. Beyond his novel, the alleged sighting by the author of photos of Elvis boarding a helicopter at Graceland post his death on August 16, 1977 becomes one of the major elements fuelling the "is Elvis alive?" phenomenon


Curb Records operated by Major Bill Smith releases the 45rpm single, "Spelling On The Stone" (CRD-10522). Its conspiratorially flavored lyrics inspire "believers" and have them take notice of the grave marker that is misspelled at Graceland.


"Is Elvis Alive?" by Gail Brewer-Giorgio is published. With its bonus, "The Elvis Tape", the book reportedly sells more than 1 million copies


Mickey Moran starts investigating the Elvis conspiracy. His website is featured in People Magazine, Elvis fan club newsletters, radio talk shows, and quickly spreads throughout the Elvis conspiracy world.


The sighting of Elvis in Kalamazoo, Michigan by housewife, Louise Welling, sparks a wave of Elvis sightings around the world and fuels interest in the efforts of Brewer-Giorgio.

late 1980s

Fan club presidents on two continents receive late night visit from two mysterious "men in black" suggesting presidents cease investigations into Elvis being alive


"The Elvis Files: Was His Death Faked?" by Gail Brewer-Giorgio is published


A companion video "The Elvis Files" is released based around Gail Brewer-Giorgio's book of the same name. It is re-issued in DVD format in late 2005 (Europe) and early 2006 (Australia)


The small, slimline book, "The Elvis Mystery", by John McRae is published


"The Elvis Files" & "The Elvis Conspiracy" TV specials hosted by Bill Bixby air. Gail Brewer-Giorgio was instrumental in the first special which suggested Elvis may not have died in 1977.


"The Death of Elvis What Really Happened" by Charles C. Thompson II and James P. Cole is published


The self-appointed Presley Commission which includes Phil Aitcheson, Monte Nicholson, and Gail Brewer-Giorgio, conducts an investigation into Elvis' death. It's investigation results in the Presley Commission Report, packed with evidence that Elvis may have lived beyond 1977.


"Elvis The Unquiet Grave Or The True Story of Jon Burrows" by Belkis Cuza Male is published. There are English language and Spanish language editions

mid 1990s

"Jon Burrows" credit card paper trail becomes a major discussion point in the Elvis conspiracy world.


Mary Smiley publishes Presley Commission memo indicating the Commission has had an interest in her activities


"True Disbelievers: The Elvis Contagion" by Serge Denisoff & George Plasketes is published.


"Project Red Book" is discussed on the Elvis message boards and websites. It involves the cover-up of a murder at Graceland!


Mickey Moran writes his book, "The Elvis Conspiracy Encyclopedia"


"The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words" by Dr Donald Hinton with "Jesse" is published and a campaign is commenced to solicit donations from fans to support an ailing Elvis. In his book, Hinton claims to be treating Elvis 'from a distance' (as he's never met him face-to-face!)


Steven Chanzes (now apparently not involved in the "is Elvis alive?" world), again falls foul of the law when his Florida based telemarketing company is found by the Department of Justice to have been soliciting contributions by misleading contributors that it is a registered charitable institution.


Discussion on message boards that Elvis and the "real" Lisa Marie Presley had lived in Switzerland since 1982


The motion pictures 'Home Alone' and 'Finding Graceland' are widely discussed on the boards. A "bearded" Elvis allegedly appears in 'Home Alone' while in 'Finding Graceland' many believe the hobo seen on the train is also Elvis.


Dr Hinton is suspended from practicing pending investigation of fraud charges to do with his "Elvis is alive" claims. In a scene reminiscent of Elvis' final years, it is claimed Hinton wrote prescriptions for 34,000 hydrocodone (an antitussive) pills for "Jesse/Elvis" from 1997 to 2002. Hinton is eventually cleared of fraud but realizes he has been conned and publicly apologizes.


Memory Records in Czechoslovakia releases the CD, "Elvis The Cover-Up". It is a mix of radio/TV material and live recordings of Elvis in 1977


"The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!" is published. Under a fiction guise it brings together most of the major Elvis conspiracies


Independent film maker, Adam Muskiewicz, commences his research and a website for his film, The Truth About Elvis


"Elvis' DNA Proves He's Alive" by Bill Beeny is published through Branden Books. A shorter edition had been earlier published privately by the author with the title, "DNA Proves That Elvis Is Alive!"


A detailed but complicated "schematic", "Elvis/Jesse/Jon Burrows", linking around 50 names in the "is Elvis alive?" story is released. Copies sell on ebay for up to US$75.00


"Decoding the Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!" is released. The 'limited edition' pressing sells out in less than 3 months

late 2005-early 2006

The budget priced DVD "The Elvis Files" is released initially in Europe and then Australia. It is the DVD edition of Gail Brewer-Giorgio's original 1990 video promoting her book of the same name


The TV documentary Death By Excess screens in England on Sky One (15 Dec)


EIN, with assistance from private investigation consultants, JNA & Associates, tries to prove there is a flaw in Bill Beeny's Elvis DNA proof but is unsuccessful


Due for publication: "The Presley Alternative", Phil Aitcheson & Deborah Wines (dec.) - the author's present the Presley Commission findings


Due for publication?: Mary Smiley's book about Elvis not dying in 1977


Due for publication: "Shadows of Reason: On the Elusive Trail of a Lost King - Elvis Presley, Post August 16, 1977", Dr. John Walker/Center for Studies in Popular Culture - academic examination of the "is Elvis alive?" arguments and evidence


Mickey Moran starts "The Presley Assignment" and starts putting together a team to find out the truth about Elvis once and for all. 


Help Save Elvis' Beverly Hills Home!!!!!

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 12, 2013 at 9:05 PM

Elvis' Beverly Hills Home on Hillcrest Rd. is scheduled for demolition. This has been approved by the historical commission. Please call Bart Millar 213-388-9327 & William Crouch 310-285-1116 and let them know what it means to the fans that this house be saved!!!!! I called Mr. Crouch and he claims that the gates and signatures on them will be preserved but everything else will be demolished. Please share this petition also:

I Know You Are Not Gone

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 6, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Elvis, I know you are not gone,

We'll see you again some day.

I know your middle name is Aron,

It's spelled with just one "A".

I know you would lie in peace beside,

The mother you dearly love.

You must have watched as we all cried,

Thinking you were in heaven above.

You read the book by Cheiro,

And too, The Passover Plot.

You planned a way for you to go,

The Fraternity, you forgot.

Your dedication to the law,

Brought upon you, threats.

Through DEA I know you saw,

The evil and it's affects.

I know you only went away,

To save your life and others.

When God really calls you someday,

You'll rest beside your mother.

You touched our hearts throughout your life,

Our appreciation shows.

You disappeared from public sight,

Too soon to tell you so.

You may never feel at ease,

Returning to the stage.

Just know this and remember, please,

My faith will never fade.

If by chance, you read this poem,

And wonder why it's not filled with sorrow.

It's to show appreciation from,

Someone who wishes you well each 'morrow.

Tanya Tucker

Posted by Mickey Moran on February 24, 2013 at 10:50 PM

Tanya Tucker, a very well known Country star in her own right, was at the viewing and knew and even stated on national TV in an interview later on that, that was not Elvis in the coffin. And there have been a number of others that have made mention of it.