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One Coffin Theory

Posted by Mickey Moran on December 27, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Alanna Nash, formerly of the Louisville Courier-Journal, who viewed the body in the casket twice, commented on how wax-like it looked. La Costa, sister of Tanya Tucker, said, "We were right up to the casket and stood there, and God, I couldn't believe it. He looked just like a piece of plastic laying there. He didn't look like Elvis at all... He looked more like a dummy than a real person."


The coffin weighed 900 pounds. Some think it housed a refrigeration unit to cool a wax dummy. Many saw beads of sweat on the body. Dead bodies don't sweat but they do build up condensation.


They have done tests with wax candles and refrigeration units that show the same type of "beads of sweat" that were seen on "Elvis" in the coffin.


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