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I Know You Are Not Gone

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 6, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Elvis, I know you are not gone,

We'll see you again some day.

I know your middle name is Aron,

It's spelled with just one "A".

I know you would lie in peace beside,

The mother you dearly love.

You must have watched as we all cried,

Thinking you were in heaven above.

You read the book by Cheiro,

And too, The Passover Plot.

You planned a way for you to go,

The Fraternity, you forgot.

Your dedication to the law,

Brought upon you, threats.

Through DEA I know you saw,

The evil and it's affects.

I know you only went away,

To save your life and others.

When God really calls you someday,

You'll rest beside your mother.

You touched our hearts throughout your life,

Our appreciation shows.

You disappeared from public sight,

Too soon to tell you so.

You may never feel at ease,

Returning to the stage.

Just know this and remember, please,

My faith will never fade.

If by chance, you read this poem,

And wonder why it's not filled with sorrow.

It's to show appreciation from,

Someone who wishes you well each 'morrow.

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