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Is "Jesse" really Elvis?

Posted by Mickey Moran on June 19, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Is "Jesse" really Elvis?: The figure of "Jesse Presley" has occupied "Elvis is alive" folklore for the past two decades. Prior to Eliza Presley's claim of having received DNA from "Jesse", Dr Donald Hinton published his book, (The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words), in 2001.


Conflicting reports of Dr Hinton, who physically never met Elvis/Jesse, but treated him by correspondence, either apologizing or not apologizing for having duped fans. Despite claims Dr Hinton did apologize because there is no evidence to support this contention.


The story of "Jesse" is a long and sordid one. Essentially, since the early days of the "Elvis is Alive" theory, a number of people have worked behind the scenes on behalf of "Jesse" to obtain money and prescribed medications. At times it was suggested "Jesse" would reveal his true identity to the world, but then a convenient excuse would surface as to why this wasn't possible.


For many years there was a thriving "Elvis underground" pedalling the "Jesse" story, active initially via snail mail correspondence and newsletters, and then Internet based through a number of now defunct web sites and messageboards.


Photographic evidence of "Jesse" has been unconvincing.


EIN has long stated that in our opinion, no substantive evidence/facts that would stand up in a court of law has ever been provided to substantiate the contrary argument. That a belief to the contrary is still held in 2008 pays testament to the power of some fan's emotional and psychological needs.


For "Jesse's" DNA evidence to stand up in court will require Elvis Presley Enterprises to provide actual Elvis DNA sample for cross-matching and given the science of DNA testing, quite possibly also 'maternal' DNA relating to Vernon Presley.


In this latter respect few media outlets have picked up on the other DNA evidence to be offered.......that the DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis’ cousin Donna. It is this DNA evidence which is likely to prove the case rather than "Jesse's" DNA.......which is unlikely to be what we are led to believe, and even irrelevant to .


There is no doubting Eliza Presley's strong belief that she is right. While Ms Presley had originally thought she may have been Elvis' daughter, the DNA analysis ruled this out. Ms Presley has told EIN she is not after money, but rather the truth about who her father is.


As for the statement of her birth mother, EIN is aware there are fractious family issues involved which are currently tainting the situation. (Source: EIN, 10 Oct 2002)

It is the opinion of The Presley Assignment that Jesse is not Elvis but rather an imposter duping fans.  

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