Proof That Jesse Is Not Elvis Proof That Jesse Is Not Elvis Proof That Jesse Is Not Elvis It is time to discredit Linda Hood Sigmon and Jesse once and for all. In the summer of 1997, Dr. Hinton began treating Jesse for chronic pain. Dr. Hinton tells in his book that he saw what Jesse looked like for the first time in November 1997. This tells us that Dr. Hinton was treating Jesse without ever meeting him. Linda Hood Sigmon showed Dr. Hinton the picture of Jesse sitting on the riding lawn mower. Dr. Hinton never saw Jesse in person before or after treating him. Linda asked Dr. Hinton to treat "Elvis" over the phone for chronic pain but the prescriptions were all made out to her. Of course, this was illegal on Dr. Hinton's part. Hinton claimed once that he saw Elvis "eye to eye" but that was a play on words because he saw the eyes of Jesse in the photo. It is documented in Hinton's own book that he had not examined or met Jesse in person before or after treatment. Linda had been tricked into all of this by con men looking to score some drugs. The con men were Joel Tim Zophy and Terry Campbell. Tim Zophy was convicted in 1993 for racketeering, extortion, and for sending threatening communications. Linda's Jesse photograph was taken at the campgrounds in Moneta, VA. It is believed to be Tim Zophy's camper in the background. Mr. Zophy had circulated the photo before and claimed that it was Elvis with his son, LeRoy, by a woman named Nancy. He told people that Elvis refused to financially support the child and had asked for donations to help raise the child. Tim said Nancy was raising the child as a lone parent because Elvis had AIDS. After that, the photo recycled and turned up in Hinton's book as Elvis with his grandson, Benjamin, and is the photo that Linda tries to pass off as Elvis. If you look at the photo above you will see what "Jesse" looked like in 1950. These two photos are obviously of the same person and is NOT Elvis. 187509781