Presley Assignment
Elvis Investigation 

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Summary from the Presley Commission Report.
According to Gail Brewer-Giorgio, the day after Elvis' alleged death, a woman named Lucy De Barbin, a former lover of Elvis', received a single rose in the mail. The card indicated that the flower was from "El Lancelot". This had been her pet name for Elvis, and it was a name that no one else knew.
According to ABC's 20/20 investigation headed by Geraldo Rivera these are the drugs found in the body during the autopsy. Their investigation determined that the principle offender was an overdose of Codeine. Let's examine the facts here. Elvis Presley was allergic to Codeine and he had known that for a number of years. He avoided Codeine. Elvis would not have taken Codeine. However, a body double living on the grounds of Graceland and dying of cancer would have taken the drugs on this list. Especially in the final stages of the painful disease. There was a nurse living in a trailer on the grounds of Graceland that they claim was there to dispense drugs to Elvis. However, all of the members of the entourage claim that they dispensed drugs to Elvis. Geraldo claimed that there was a huge cover-up involved in this case and he would be correct in his claims. The problem is that he came to the wrong conclusion with his investigation. Elvis didn't die from an overdose of drugs but somebody did. Most likely a cancer patient dying and desperately trying to stay out of pain.

This is a White House memorandum that shows President Carter and Elvis Presley having a phone conversation for 6 minutes in 1977.  Nixon was obviously not the only president that Elvis had dealings with. 

This is a credit report that was ran using Elvis' social security number on 9/27/1999. It came back as belonging to Jon Burrows living in Fort Worth, TX. and having a line of credit as late as 8/99. 

This is a watch that used to be on display at Graceland. The inscription says "To Col. Parker 1956 - 1980, Elvis". It has been removed since fans started noticing the dates. 

This is what the historical markers around Graceland looked like until the 1990's when they were changed to the Double-A spelling of Aron to match the misspelled grave marker.
The paramedics, Ulysses Jones & Charlie Crosby, said that the body found in the floor did not look like Elvis Presley. 
On August 16th, 1977 Elvis was seen getting the newspaper off of the porch around 9:30 AM. At 10:00 AM he signed for a delivery (see attached photo). During that same time period, servants recall hearing a noise coming from upstairs. Ginger was supposedly in the bed asleep until around 2:00 PM. Lisa Marie was asleep at that time. Nobody else should have been upstairs. Who made the upstairs noise? Is it possible that on this particular day, Elvis was getting his own newspaper and signing for his own delivery as a distraction and/or a signal while a body was moved into his bathroom? Elvis' bathroom had a back entrance as seen in blueprints. They would not have had to pass through the bedroom where Ginger was sleeping.
This is the document that began the Jetstar deal between the Presleys and Frederick Peter Pro of The Fraternity and led to Operation Fountain Pen.

Elvis' DEA Staff jogging suit is now in Graceland Archives.  This is the jogging suit he was wearing the night of August 15, 1977 and into the morning hours of August 16th.

The tax office in Shelby County, Tennessee says that property can stay in a deceased person's name for one year. Doesn't it seem strange that property and mobile homes behind Graceland could still be in Elvis' name in 2015?

Death threats against Elvis and his family were a reality.

According to The Presley Commission, this is a safe house that was used by Elvis post-1977.
There was a back way out of Elvis' bathroom where Elvis could leave or a body could have been brought in without disturbing Ginger.
I have visited this subject before but let's see if we can go into a little more detail. There are at least 16 houses on Dolan Dr & Charles Dr that should be able to see or hear what is going on at the graves at Graceland. That's just the houses adjacent to Graceland property, it's not counting the houses on the other side of those two streets. Here's how the story goes:
On October 2nd, 1977 graves were dug at Graceland in the middle of the night. On October 3rd, 1977 at around 7:00 PM the bodies of Gladys & Elvis were moved to Graceland.
Observations: The holes would have been there for approximately 18 hours with two large mounds of dirt. There would have been loud machinery digging the graves. However, nobody heard or saw anything. No neighbors or fans bothered to take a picture of the freshly dug grave of the most popular entertainer in the world or at the second most popular home.